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Happy Birthday to our Missionaries!

Support our missionariesHappy Birthday, Missionaries!

Rachel and Dan Gabler have birthdays three weeks apart. They both grew up in Bolivia and that is where they began their mission work. They have also served in Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia. Currently they are in Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Rachel does a variety of things: developing Christian Education materials, writing radio scripts, developing those scripts into plays and producing them. These are all Christian education oriented materials. She also leads training seminars for Christian education workers and Pastors, both in DRC and Zambia.


Dan has worked with Zululand Mission Air and, currently, Mercy Air where he is head of a maintenance center for three flight ministries in DRC. He is a pilot and mechanic and frequently tears planes down to their skin to refurbish them and often is called upon to pick up and transport missionaries. Dan’s mission number is #08597A.


Our Easter offering goes for salary support. For further support, write your check to the church and indicate:

Rachel: 12940Z

Dan: 12939Z


For Leadership Resource Development/Wisconsin Conference Advance number 7948



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