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Happy Birthday to our Missionaries!

Support our missionariesHappy Birthday, Missionaries!

Joua Vang, mother of our church member, Kaonou Latham, has had a very difficult year as she continues to fight her autoimmune disease, myositis. She has had to put on hold her missionary and UMW functions to concentrate on her health. It is a disease that deteriorates her muscles, thus it causes much pain and limits her mobility. Her faith keeps her motivated that she will one day return to her passion of participating in her church in St. Paul, MN and missionary ministries in Southeast Asia. Joua was in mission in Laos. Among the many things she did was to organize training for Pastors youth leaders and trained the Bible Women, who then went out to the rural areas where they worked with women to set up mushroom farms and goat rearing to help lift people out of poverty. In Minnesota she has continued her mission work and has been an officer in the national group of Hmong United Methodist Women.

Thank you very much for all you have done.

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