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Men’s Retreat – March 17-19, 2017

Men’s Pine Lake Retreat

The United Methodist Men’s Retreat for 2017 has been scheduled for March 17-19. Leader is Rev. Bob Blackburn, retired United Methodist pastor. The normal cost of this retreat is $125 for 2 nights and 6 home-made meals. The United Methodist Men will be providing a reduction of $50 for each participant. Your cost will be $75 for 2 nights’ lodging and 6 meals. If you bring someone to the retreat, your registration fee will be free! Note Scholarships are available to cover the cost as needed. Please see Bob Krell for details.

We will be staying at the Rader Retreat Center and will share a room with 2 per room. Sheets, blankets, pillows are provided. Each room has a private shower, for those who have not been there before.

Note: This Annual Pine Lake Retr eat Event was star ted over 40 Years ago. The fellowship and meeting with men that share in the learning and getting to know one another is a priceless opportunity. I highly recommend attending this event. Plenty of fun, relaxation, great outdoor opportunities are available.

Just a side note: We are providing a brand new Ping Pong Table to Pine Lake that will replace the (Destroyed One) from last year.

Please sign up in the north entrance to get your spot set up for this event. More information will be forthcoming.

Regards and God Bless, Bob Krell, United Methodist Men Leader


Sign up for the retreat on the bulletin board in the north entrance or contact the office at 262-334-2059 Email: Church@faumc.org. Plan now to join this great opportunity. You may also call Bob Krell at 262-334-9360 with questions.

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