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“Mother’s Day service” 💒

Pastor Clarissa and Biancha Martinelli. 🤱🏽 ~ John 14:1-14.
“If you ask Me anything in My name, a Mother’s Prayer.” 🙏🏼

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  1. Katie Glaser

    Dear Pastor Clarissa, your Mother’s Day sermon enriched me with the nourishment I needed to quiet my anguish concerning my children, Lora and Andy, turning away from their belief in Jesus; and the non belief of my husband, Peter, who considers himself an egnostic. He says it’s not that he doesn’t believe that Jesus existed, but he doesn’t know
    if he was the son of God. He was raised by Jewish parents, his dad didn’t believe in organized religion; his mom didn’t go to temple, but probably would have liked to, as she
    sent Peter and his brother to Hebrew school for a time. They felt they didn’t belong there, as his family didn’t practice Judism as their classmates did. My family is the nearest and dearest to my heart and soul, and the children were baptised, confirmed and attended Sunday school (Lora during 3rd grade she rebelled and refused to go; Andy until after confirmation). I’ve invited Pete many times to come to church with me, but in our 38 yrs of marriage, isn’t interested. He always tells me to enjoy, as I head out each Sunday. Thank you for giving me and others hope and consulation that God loves and takes care of our dear ones through us. My deepest fear is the heareafter, if they do not turn to him before death, if He will allow them to live in his kingdom in heaven? I cannot bear to have my precious ones in hell. I always assumed (false hope) that they would follow by my example, so this concern has troubled me for decades, as I have grown in my faith.
    I have deeply missed worshiping with you and my faith family these past 2 months.
    Sometimes it’s a little dry bones, doing my regular devotions, but I am so thankful for all the blessings God continues to give us. Congratulations on becoming grandparents- to- be
    of Bianca’s baby, and the joy forthcoming as she gives birth! Her child will be blessed with
    your devotion to Jesus and your inspiration, awesome love, energy and influence.
    I wish you and your family continued health and well-being as you wait for this new
    passage in your lives! With love and affection, Katie Glaser


    May 17, 2020 at 12:19 pm