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Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord

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For this year, the Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord will be celebrated together; January 6th is Epiphany, and Sunday is Baptism of our Lord.

There is a good reason for the first Sunday after Epiphany to focus on Baptism. The key here is that Baptism is all about beginning. Jesus began his ministry with his own baptism, and Christians see Baptism as beginning a committed journey with Jesus.

The season after Epiphany, as a whole, has much to do with beginnings: the beginning of Jesus’ life, the start of his ministry, the calling of the disciples, and his first miracle. All of this helps us see Baptism as an important beginning, both for Jesus, and for us.

So, what do we say or do about the magi, who had their gospel reading on the day of Epiphany itself?

Fittingly, both stories carry forward the theme of Jesus’ identity taking shape. The magi identify Jesus as a king and because the magi are from foreign lands, they identify Jesus as a king for all people. In the baptism story, Jesus is also identified, but in this case his identity is the beloved son of God. Additionally, the magi story is definitely linked with the baptism story: “These Epiphany stories work together to show us who Jesus is revealing the fullness of his identity. The magi show us one part of Jesus’ identity, the baptism shows us another part.”

Welcome to the jubilantly and total praise celebration of these two feast days; we hope you rejoice in this important season of Epiphany! Jesus Christ has arrived, and there are many beginnings to celebrate. 
To God be the glory.

The people of God respond – Amen!

 Pastor Clarissa


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