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2nd Sunday After Epiphany

Good Tuesday morning 5th Ave.,

Please correct the phone number for 5th Ave. UMC Audible Worship.

The correct number is: 262.334.0710. More information is found below.

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Jesus comes alongside us and calls us by name: “[your name], follow me.” A simple call. A hard call. Because following requires leaving. And we look around to see who else Jesus could be talking to. It’s hard to leave our nets and walk away from the lake. But we have come this far, to this place, where we can listen and be transformed.

We eagerly, but expectantly come into this worship experience to see what God has in store for us today! We have busy lives, but still, we’re curious! People of God, disciples of Christ, come into God’s presence and see the difference love makes!

Come into the light of the epiphany and see the glory of God! Our eyes have been closed for so long, but still, we yearn for the light. Come and see! Come and see!

What good can come from places of marginalization and oppression? A people who are willing to fight for the dignity with which God has endowed them. Leaders who see the liberation in the Bible and know God wants it to be real for them. A federal holiday to honor a vital hero and leader of racial equality, American civil rights and non-violence, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sixty-six years ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. began proclaiming good news was coming  and his words are no less true today. The good news of the people of God is never easy news. We cannot skip to the conclusion, because we are the ones being called to take up the work. We are called to answer this invitation to discipleship, to hear God’s call to be tied together, where all persons are valued and there is no longer room for poverty, racism, and conflict.

I invite you to celebrate the 34th observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day via Zoom from the Wisconsin Annual Conference with Bishop LaTrelle Easterling preaching and the SE District clergy and laity sharing their talent.

This powerful conversation provoking worship about how we might live better together in

community can be viewed at:


Thanks to our Technology Team, we have initiated 5th Ave. UMC Phone Worship. Family and Friends can now call – 262.334.0710 – and experience our worship service with sound. Please share and publicize this phone number as we spread the Good News of the Gospel. More in depth information regarding this outreach ministry will be shared in the upcoming newsletter.

Come, join us this coming weekend as Jesus continues to surprise and bless us in His Word and Holy Communion.

To God be the glory,

Pastor Clarissa


2nd Sunday After Epiphany 2021

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Holy Communion Liturgy 17 January 2021

Devotionals – 17 – 24 Jan 2021

Youth Message 17 January 2021


Rev. Clarissa Martinelli

Pastor, Fifth Avenue UMC

323 South Fifth Avenue

West Bend, WI

262.334.2059 (W)

847.721.1826 (M)


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful

beyond measure. I am a child of God.” marianne williamison

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