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3rd Sunday After Epiphany

Good Monday morning 5th Ave. Family & Friends.

This week our worship and scripture provide us with an opportunity to come forward, and hopefully signals our willingness to enter or rededicate ourselves to the discipleship path.

Your act of willingness and/or rededication might be physical – kneeling in humble adoration to the Holy Trinity; signing a card or sending a text or email indicating your willingness to recommit to a path of faithful discipleship. It does not matter what manner you choose to acknowledge this transformative act or if you have recommitted yourself before on one or more occasions, today, right now, it’s worth making again. Growing as disciples is always easier when people do it together.

We pray that this worship experience will be an inspiration and a great encouragement to help you over the hump of deciding to participate in Jesus call to “follow me.”

Again, this week, we must look back so that we can look forward. We need Jonah to help set the context for Simon, Andrew, James, and John – Jesus’ new disciples as they tell their stories of the possibilities as they responded to the invitation “to follow” Jesus.

The call is “follow me” much more often than it is “believe in me.” Our faith is not simply a head thing; it is a life thing. How do I follow with my whole life and not just in the hour of worship?

“Follow me” is Jesus’ invitation and the promise of new life. What do you need to let go of and leave behind so that you might follow him?

We humbly ask for your amazing grace to say “Yes” to your call.

To God be the glory, amen.

Pastor Clarissa


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