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Holy Tuesday Devotional

Good evening Siblings of Jesus,

If Monday’s arrival in the temple was marked by Jesus’ living parable of cleansing God’s house, Tuesday’s entrance was marked by a direct, verbal confrontation from the religious leadership, the Sanhedrin.  They demanded to know who gave Jesus the right to behave as He has in their temple (Mark 11:27-33).          

In Christianity, Holy Tuesday is the last Tuesday prior to Easter Sunday; it is the third day of Holy Week after Palm Sunday and Holy Monday.

According to common interpretation of the Bible, Holy Tuesday is when Jesus was issued various challenges by the Pharisees and Sadducees over subjects such as marriage in heaven, paying taxes to Caesar, and the source of His authority (Matthew 21:23—23:39; Mark 11:27—12:44; Luke 20:1—21:4).  By this same interpretation, this is the day Jesus commented on the widow’s donation (Mark 12; Luke 21) and was approached by a number of God-fearing Greeks (John 12:20–36).  Tuesday would also be the day Jesus spoke His eight “woes” against the Pharisees (Matthew 23:13–36) and the evening on which He delivered the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24—25; Mark 13; Luke 21:5–36).

Holy Tuesday is the day following Holy Monday, and the next day in Holy Week is sometimes referred to as Holy Wednesday or Spy Wednesday.

As Jesus left the temple that Tuesday afternoon, He knew would offer up His life for a world of blasphemers, traitors, and liars.  This was what Jesus had come to do.

May God Bless Your Holy Tuesday.  I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengthen Me.

Pastor Clarissa


Holy Tuesday – 30 March 2021


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