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Holy Wednesday Devotional

Greetings on this Holy Wednesday,

In Christianity, Holy Wednesday or Spy Wednesday is the last Wednesday prior to Easter Sunday; it is the fourth day of Holy Week after Palm Sunday, Holy Monday, and Holy Tuesday.

According to the traditional interpretation of the Bible, Holy Wednesday is the day on which Jesus was anointed with spikenard during a meal (Matthew 26:6–13).  The day is sometimes called “Spy Wednesday” since it is traditionally thought of as the day Judas conspired with local authorities to betray Jesus (Matthew 26:14–16).  The following day is sometimes referred to as Maundy Thursday, the fifth day of Holy Week.

I realize that some biblical scholars sneer at the idea that we can construct a day-by-day journal of Jesus’ last week.  There are historical gaps and things in the accounts that don’t add up perfectly.  Despite certain scholarly doubts, the account really does add up pretty well, primarily in the synoptics, Matthew, Mark and Luke’s accounts, in terms of timing.  If we use a little imagination and see the differences not as differences in fact, but only in the level detail.

So, I pray you have and will reflect on the chronology of Holy Week as a likely but not certain scenario of the last week of Jesus.  It is still a great blessing to consider the Lord’s last week as we prayerfully walk with Jesus in his most difficult and yet glorious week.

The wicked are besetting Jesus and plotting against him. Are you praying?

Pastor Clarissa


Holy Wednesday – 31 March 2021


Rev. Clarissa Martinelli

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