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Second Sunday of Easter Devotional

Blessings and peace on this rainy Sunday morning,

Low Sunday – at least that’s what some call this day.  On the Sunday after Easter, there is a general let down.  It is hard to maintain the heights that we attain on the celebration of Resurrection Sunday.  The theme for this week is Thomas and his need to see something real before his belief can kick in.  Well, let’s admit, we all want that.  We all find it easier to believe when we can see something.

Thomas was not the only disciple to doubt the resurrection — the others had heard the women tell the tale but were still cowering in the upper room in fear when Jesus appeared to them.  But more important, Thomas’ doubt, which we so easily criticize, represents the humanity that is in all of us.

Remember, the Gospel isn’t meant to be gulped down on Sunday morning, but gnawed on through the week so it really becomes a part of us.  You’ve got to work at it, like a dog with a good bone!

Welcome as we receive and celebrate the Gospel for this Sunday — the Second Sunday of Easter brought to us through the (online) voices of Bishop Hee Soo Jung and the Wisconsin Conference Cabinet — food for thought about the holiness of doubt.  Come as we worship and gnaw away together!

Dear members of God’s family at 5th Avenue United Methodist Church, Christ is Risen!  Christ is Risen indeed!  As we stand before the empty tomb as Easter people, these words are imperative for us.  And, by the Holy Spirit, Christ holds us together as one as we show a motivating hope that keeps joy at work in the community of faith.

Come let us worship together.

Pastor Clarissa & Bro. Martin


Bishop Jung April 11 Sermon

Devotionals 11 – 17 Apr 2021


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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful

beyond measure. I am a child of God.” marianne williamison

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