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2nd Sunday of Pentecost Devotional

Good Sunday morning Siblings of Christ,

The Gospel for the 2nd Sunday After Pentecost ~Mark 3:20-35~ is what I think of as a “sandwich” passage.

There are two stories in this passage, but instead of putting them one after the other, one story is split in two like slices of bread, with the other one spread in the middle like the PB&J.  Both stories are about misunderstanding and accusation.

The framing story is about Jesus and his relatives.

Top slice of bread.  Rumor has gone round that Jesus has gone nuts.  That’s the top of the sandwich.  His family comes to collect him.  Maybe they’ll do a little intervention, get him back under control.

The second slice comes at the end.  Jesus declares that his true family is anybody who does God’s will.  He doesn’t really disown his mother Mary and whoever else showed up, but he does give them a surprising turn.  And he does declare that his followers, then and now, are his close kin.  To be Jesus’ brother or sister you need to actually do God’s will.

So, what’s the peanut butter?  In between the slices of bread comes another group of accusers.  In addition to the crowd and his family, Scribes have turned up to make accusations: Jesus isn’t just crazy, they say.  He is actually demonic.

In the heart of the passage, Jesus turns the accusation around on them with a bit of poetic theology.  Come as we learn about “Jesus, Family and the Will of God”.  Come!

Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Clarissa


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