12th Sunday After Pentecost – Devotional

by Pastor Clarissa Martinelli on August 16, 2021

Good morning siblings of Christ, 
What if we held a thanksgiving service here in the middle of August? What if we turn to the hymns we usually sing in November and be reminded that gratitude isn’t confined to a season. Yes, many of those hymns are harvest related, but the bounty of God’s providence can be seen at all times. And here in August, in many parts of the world, gardens are beginning to produce, and we can be thankful even for the abundance of zucchini!

What if we held a thanksgiving service in the middle of August?
It is about finding blessings in everyday living. Of course, since the text invites it, there should be plenty of singing in this thanksgiving in August service.
Come let us “give thanks to God the Father at all times.” At all times!
Pastor Clarissa

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