13th Sunday after Pentecost – Devotional

by Pastor Clarissa Martinelli on August 22, 2021

Blessing of the Pets Sunday. Welcome!

 While I love animals in general, I never used to understand people’s slightly fanatical obsession of their pets. It seemed a bit weird to have so much attachment over a random animal that had been purchased and introduced to live in your home. First Cookie then Sadie Mae came into my life – instant, unconditional, passionate, adoring love! As a rookie Pet family, our Girls came into our lives during traumatic loss and spiritual and mental vulnerability.

We’re unfortunately closing in on 2 years in which we’ve been negotiating the peculiar and now mutating COVID-19 virus. We’re back to six-foot social distancing, coronavirus testing and face coverings. As vaccination numbers are finally increasing, the variant virus’ mutation is leading to future booster vaccination. Oh, the struggling life of humans. It’s stressful!

Yet, for those of us who live with pets have been able to lessen or alleviate at least some of the stress by turning to our Pets. They’re crucial and essential part of our family and the need to care for them gives their human companions a point of focus that at times, specifically now, can distract us in good ways, from what’s happening in the outside world. This distraction helps lessen some of the anxieties, stress, and uncertainty.

Veterinarian Dr. Chad Dodd made this assessment: “The coronavirus pandemic isn’t just affecting the mental health of humans — it could negatively impact pets as well. Pets could begin to take on their owners’ anxiety and apprehensions.

We come on this Blessing of the Pet Sunday to express our love of animal kinds and their and our uncanny ability to connect with each other. We come to shower blessings of the utmost respect, love, and care upon them. We will even preach to the Pets about God’s love and concern for them!

All Creation is invited to this worship service. Come let all Creation worship together!

Pastor Clariss, Bro. Martin, Cookie & Sadie Mae

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