4th Sunday of Easter

by Clarissa Martinelli on May 08, 2022

A blessed "Mothering"/"Nurturing" Sunday morning,

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate those who have nurtured, no matter if they are mothers or not. We have all been shaped and cared for by a variety of people, not just mothers. 
We remember, and give thanks for those whose experience of mother was positive and healing, and we also acknowledge those who have a different experience.

Mother’s Day is always a delicate celebration; wounds can inadvertently be opened. Hurting hearts can be further wounded if we aren’t careful—you give the impression that 
all mothers are shining examples of faith and family or that being a mother is the highest or even only calling a woman could have. That may be true for some, but not for all.

So, listen to the text for today. Celebrate a life not by titles but by labors. We celebrate life by talking about lives touched. Celebrate the ripples that radiate out from one life 
and intersect with many others.

This is a celebration of community, the village that it takes to raise a child or make a disciple. That’s how we raise those who have gone before (not physically, but in terms 
of influence). Those who were mentored now mentor others; in so doing, we say to the one who has gone before, “Get up!” Maybe it isn’t as dramatic as Resurrection, but it’s important, all the same.

So, let this “Mother’s Day” be one of celebration of community. It’s time to find someone to thank, someone who might have been overlooked—both those who serve now
 and those who have served in the past. Whom can we celebrate for “mothering”? Whom can we raise up in the minds and memories and consciousness of the congregation today?

Sometimes miracles happen, and those we thought gone are returned to us. More often, the miracle is that the threads remain, but they grow and change and become 
something new, something holy. And we find we can continue on after all. We are who we are because of “mother”.  And whatever the future holds, we will honor her 
for what she has stitched for us, stitched into us. We are the lives we touch and that touch us. We are the threads we wear. Thanks be to God.
To God be the Glory,
Pastor Clarissa and Bro. Martin

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