Feb 11, 2024

by Clarissa Martinelli on February 11, 2024

Welcome, dear brothers and sisters in Christ. It's a blessing to be here with you today, to stand on this sacred ground where the love of God is as abundant as the air we breathe.
We gather here today, not as strangers, but as a family united in our faith and our desire to understand the mysteries of our Lord's Word. Today, we will be turning our hearts and minds towards the transformational tales of biblical figures, transcending seasons in our spiritual life, and the significance of transfiguration in our Christian walk.
Sometimes we treat Transfiguration as if it’s the last Sunday in the season after Epiphany, a kind of exclamation point to the Ordinary Time that takes us from Epiphany to Ash Wednesday. But this year, we chose to make this a stand-alone Sunday, which is appropriate given that this day belongs not to Ordinary Time or Lent but in the liminal space between the two.
This is a day of growing pains and crossing thresholds instigated by the shock of coming face-to-face with glory. In the Old Testament, we have the glory of Elijah being taken up. In Mark, we have the glory of Christ.
Come! We are called together to worship and to be led by glory out into the world.
Blessings and Peace,
Pastor Clarissa
Thank you for LIVING your Faith!
“Grateful’ is an inadequate word for how I feel. Faithful supporters like you have shown us how God’s love can change the world. Your financial gifts in December 2023, helped us face difficult struggles and allowed us to continue in our mission. We are so blessed to have a loving supporter like you. Thank you for your generous gifts that help us keep our doors open.”
We are grateful for each of you!
The needs of our world are too numerous to name.
Shelter, food, clean air and water…
Our gifts touch these needs,
but the biggest gift we can give is to love the world
so much that we give of ourselves.
Nothing will transform need more than sacrificial love.
So, as you place money in the offering (plate, basket, online, etc.) today,
don’t let your giving be done.
Start planning to go deeper. May God now bless our hopes and dreams. Amen.

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