February 26, 2023

by Clarissa Martinelli on February 26, 2023

We have made the step, despite the cancellation of Ash Wednesday Service, into our Lenten Journey. Our Lenten journey will be observed during our Sunday worship service.  
The prophet Jonah is that oddball piece of Scripture. Written several centuries after the latest of the other prophetic books, this little book is short on prophecy but long on a narrative that satirizes a number of sacred cows and provides genuine insight into what following a call from God really means.
In what is perhaps the greatest irony of the story, the least prophetic of all of the prophets emerges as the most human. In the midst of all his ambivalence, Jonah is a most effective instrument of God. His struggle to come to terms with the power and love of God within his limited horizons of being is our struggle—during Lent and during life.
Come as we as we follow Jonah on his journey … and Jesus on his way to the cross.
God bless,
Pastor Clarissa

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