Fourth Sunday of Lent

by Pastor Clarissa Martinelli on March 27, 2022

Happy Spring Break!
Just as spring break renews us physically, Lent does so spiritually.

As we shiver our way through these last few days of winter in the Midwest, we can’t help but imagine the warmer days of spring. And we especially look forward to the 
upcoming fun and renewal of Spring Break. Spring Break could mean visiting grandparents, other family members or crisscrossing multiple locations -  searching for new 
and exciting Spring Break experience sites surrounded with mountains or beaches.

Regardless of where Spring Break finds you, remember there’s one Spring Break constant — Lent.

Children, my limited views of Lent as the perpetual season of nothing fun. However, as an adult, we’ve come to appreciate the beautiful collision between these two seasons.
The practice of taking a holiday during the Spring Season dates back to ancient Greece and a three-day “awakening” celebration of the god Dionysus. It was a special gathering 
of the community to stop their daily work and recognize the gift of spring.

Our secular Spring Break holiday is similar — a vacation from monotonous schedules to spend time with family and/or friends. When we consider the need for spiritual reprieve, 
we find that Lent offers a similar intention.

As Christians, we’re called out of the busyness of daily routines into a more intimate relationship with Christ during the season of Lent. Just as Spring Break is a physical vacation 
for renewal with family/friends, Lent offers us the opportunity for spiritual growth and reconnection with God.

I hope that you take time to consider your Lenten desert story. How might God be calling you to strengthen your relationship with him to overcome the temptations of the world?

Regardless of where you spend your Spring Break, consider giving some of your vacation to journeying with Christ and uncovering his plan for your Lent.

Have an awesome fun and safe Spring Break!

Pastor Clarissa

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