March 5, 2023

by Clarissa Martinelli on March 05, 2023

This month, March, we celebrate the strength, power, passion, beauty, courage, and faith of women across this world. Made in the image and likeness of God; God chose women to lead, support, nourish, and deliver His glory to the earth.
We celebrate women for following the Savior’s example of service.
Last week, we gathered to begin our wilderness journey of Lent. With imposition of ashes and Holy Communion we find ourselves on the anvil in the Master’s shop.
Time on God’s anvil clarifies our mission and define our purpose.
Being tested and pounded by God reminds us that our function and task is to be about God’s business. Our purpose is to be an extension of God’s nature, and a proclaimer of God’s message.
Prayerfully at this end of this Lenten journey, we will exit the Master’s workshop with no question as to why God made us. We will know our purpose.
For our Lenten sermon series, we are revisiting the little book of the prophet Jonah. Jonah is truly a model for us of being on the anvil but with God’s grace, triumphing over human weakness and sin.
Come as we as we follow Jonah on his journey … and Jesus on his way to the cross.
God bless,
Pastor Clarissa

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