May 7, 2023

by Clarissa Martinelli on May 07, 2023

Dear Friends in the name of our Savior:
Each of us turns to many different people for all kinds of advice during our lifetime. When we don’t feel well, we go to the doctor and seek his or her advice.
Sometimes, beyond that, we ask other people for advice and direction in our life. Sometimes, we might trust in our own advice or wisdom or strength. Yet, we realize that if we do that too often, we see that we may forget God’s wisdom and strength and knowledge.
God reminds us that Jesus is the Cornerstone of the Christian Church, the Cornerstone of our Christian faith, and Jesus is the Cornerstone of our life. The wisdom Jesus has surpasses all the wisdom of this world, surpasses all of the advice that others might give us.
Each individual is a living stone when you trust in THE Living Stone (Jesus), and together – in all our individual uniqueness – we are built into a new spiritual house, a house of the Spirit where God dwells among us.
Come Living Stones: Come Alive to Who You Were Made to Be! Make worship take place in you. Be built into something greater than yourself, something you may not even see right now. Who knows what you will be? He’s not done with you yet.
To the glory of God,
Pastor Clarissa

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