Second Sunday after Epiphany

by Clarissa Martinelli on January 16, 2022

Good morning body of Christ on this snowy Sunday morning.
How does the Holy Spirit speak to a church? Christian’s responses to this question come slowly. Stammering replies include, “through the pastor” or “through the Word; God uses “dreams” or “circumstances” to guide a church. 
Do we as believers sincerely stop to consider the question?

Each answer to this question has validity to some degree but overlooks the main method God created to enable churches to discern His leading. God’s main mechanism to communicate with His churches is through the interaction 
of spiritual gifts which He distributes to believers in every church.

This Sunday we begin a journey to re-emphasize spiritual gifts, to launch a process whereby each member and friend of Fifth Ave. UMC takes intentional time to discern what gifts are present in the life of our congregation. 
Then we will boldly ask, “How can we find ways to use these gifts for the benefit of the whole?”

Please take the Spiritual Gift Discovery assessment. Identify your top 3 – 5 spiritual gifts. We will, in the coming weeks, seek to cultivate these spiritual gifts and as mature Christians submit these gifts to the Lord for Kingdom building.

Our prayers are for wisdom and discernment and for the unity of the body; as we also pray for ways to overcome that which divides the body. There is power in the body that prays together for a common vision. 
We proclaim this power of vision and hope in the life of Fifth Ave. UMC.

Come as we gather in person or online to be the body of Christ at work in the world. Come, all are welcome.
Your humble Pastor-servant leaders,
Pastor Clarissa and Bro. Martin

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