September 3, 2023

by Clarissa Martinelli on September 02, 2023

Friends, in late spring and early summer, we experience a lot of endings—and new beginnings.
The months of May and June include numerous celebrations, ceremonies, and rituals that mark a changing of life seasons. For FAUMC, we also ended a program year; we thank our committed volunteers and leaders as we celebrate all we’ve learned and our working together before slipping into a slower summer schedule.
During these months, we also celebrate new beginnings. Perhaps your household moved into a slower summer—one that leaves behind the busyness of a school year and welcomes rest, vacation, and rejuvenation. Our church adjusted our worship and formation activities to make space for a Sabbath rest. Regardless of what the new beginning looks like, June thru August are months when we shift the rhythm of our lives, even if it’s only for a little bit.
Pentecost is also a transitional time and ushers us into a new pace for the remainder of the church year. Pentecost marks an ending, but it also brings us to a new beginning as we remember and celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, which marks a new beginning for the Church. The advocate promised by Jesus arrives and Jesus’ followers begin a new chapter in their life together.
This week, as we mark the beginning of the new church year, I hope and pray we can all transition into a new beginning with hope and confidence.

As we mark endings and move into new beginnings, may we always remember that we are loved, and we are not alone.

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