Third Sunday of Lent

by Clarissa Martinelli on March 20, 2022

A blessed Third Sunday in Lent/Communion Sunday,
If It Bears Fruit/Gathered Up in Jesus is our focus for this Sunday and for our weekly devotionals. 
The Christ who gathers us up invites us to live a life of fruitfulness. That’s the call hidden in our text for this week (see the Devotionals). 
The text starts with questions about blame, about getting what is deserved. Jesus wants to change the conversation. Like a poem from Mary Oliver, 
he is asking us “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
We all want our lives to amount to something. Jesus gives us that sense of purpose and direction. We are called to bear fruit. Worship is an invitation to the Spirit
to help us be more fruitful, asking God to guide us and direct us toward service and witness. 
Being gathered up in Jesus has an impact on the world around us. The fruit we bear is where transformation can begin to take root.
Come siblings of Christ, let us gather together this morning and worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus - as he heads to Calvary Cross for
all our sins.
Pastor Clarissa
NOTE: My sincerest appreciation to those who gathered for our first Lent ~ Learning & Lunch Series. 
Remember to blow bubbles; each perfect sphere bears your breath for its given lifespan. Is that how it was for us, Holy Ruah (Holy Spirit), 
breathing over the chaos at the dawn of time; breathing life into these dry bones? Your breath has animated creation from its beginning; 
clothe us in hues of compassion and respect. May we reverence, display, and delight in our God-life. Amen!

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