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October 2018:

Newsletter: October 2018 Newsletter

Calendar: October 2018 Calendar

The Lily Pad: 170th Anniversary Jamboree! (October 2018)

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September 2018:

Newsletter: September 2018 Newsletter

Calendar: September 2018 Calendar

The Lily Pad: Our GOD is an Awesome GOD (September 2018)

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August 2018:

Newsletter: August 2018 Newsletter

Calendar: August 2018 Calendar

The Lily Pad: Invitations (August 2018)

July 2018:

Newsletter: July 2018 Newsletter

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Pastor Clarissa’s The Lilly Pad (June 2018)


June 2018:

Newsletter: June 2018 Newsletter

Calendar: June 2018 Calendar

The Lily Pad: Blessed Summer  (June 2018)

May 2018:

Newsletter: May 2018 Newsletter

Calendar: May 2018 Calendar

The Lily Pad: “Generosity is the secret to being healthy, in body, mind, and spirit”.  (May 2018)


April 2018:

Newsletter: April 2018 Newsletter

Calendar: April 2018 Calendar

The Lily Pad: “Christ Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed! Alleluia”  (April 2018)


March 2018:

Newsletter: March 2018 Newsletter

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The Lily Pad: “We are All Called to Change the World”  (March 2018)


February 2018:

Newsletter: February 2018 Newsletter

Calendar: February 2018 Calendar

The Lily Pad: “Reestablish Our Focus on Righteous Living”  (February 2018)


January 2018:

Newsletter: January 2018 Newsletter

Calendar: January 2018 Calendar

The Lily Pad: “BE WORRY FREE – IN 2018” (January 2018)


December 2017:

Newsletter: December 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: December 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: “This Christmas, I wish you Jesus.” (December 2017)


November 2017:

Newsletter: November 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: November 2017 Calendar



October 2017:

Newsletter: October 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: October 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: Amazing Change! (October 2017)


September 2017:

Newsletter: September 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: September 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: My dearest Fifth Avenue Family (September 2017)


August 2017:

Newsletter: August 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: August 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: How Is Your Summer Going? (August 2017)


July 2017:

Newsletter: July 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: July 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: 93 Days of Summer (July 2017)


June 2017:

Newsletter: June 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: June 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: An Honorable Graduation (June 2017)


May 2017:

Newsletter: May 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: May 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: CONFIRMED (May 2017)


April 2017:

Newsletter: April 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: April 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: EASTER-not the end of His or Our Story (April 2017)


March 2017:

Newsletter: March 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: March 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: Renewing Our Lives Daily This Lenten Season (March 2017)


February 2017:

Newsletter: February 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: February 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: Peeking Over The Tops of Your Life’s Tapestry (February 2017)


January 2017:

Newsletter: January 2017 Newsletter

Calendar: January 2017 Calendar

The Lily Pad: Be Worry Free – IN 2017 (January 2017)


December 2016:

Newsletter: December 2016 Newsletter

Calendar: December 2016 Calendar

The Lily Pad: This Christmas, I wish you Jesus. Isn’t it nice to have everything! (December 2016)


November 2016:

Newsletter: November 2016 Newsletter

Calendar: November 2016 Calendar

The Lily Pad: I lift my hand and give thee praise and thanks (November 2016)


October 2016:

Newsletter: October 2016 Newsletter

Calendar: October 2016 Calendar

The Lily Pad: Meekness is not Weakness (October 2016)


September 2016:

Newsletter: September 2016 Newsletter

Calendar: September 2016 Calendar

The Lily Pad: Now Things Get Interesting (September 2016)


August 2016:

Newsletter: August 2016 Newsletter

Calendar: August 2016 Calendar

The Lily Pad: A New Spiritual Season (August 2016)